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Novi Led Displeji
300 Series Soft led display
Detalji proizvoda
Brand: Tooper
Pixel pitch: 10/16/20/40mm
Pixel density: 10000/3096/2500/625(dots/m²)
Brightness: 1500~4000cd/m²
Pixel configuration: SMD35351R,1G,1B
Cabinet weight:
Environmental: Outdoor
Ave.power consumption: 150/200/200/60W/m²
Cabinet size: 320mm×1280mm×38mm
IP Rating: IP66
Viewing Angle(H/V): 140°/120°
Gray Scale: 14bit
Gamma Correction: -5.0~+5.0
Operating Temperature: -20°C~+50°C
Operating Humidity: 10~95%RH
Operating Life: ≥50000hours
Power: AC100~240 50/60HZ
Product Description
1.buckle connecting design, simplify cabinets connection and installation compared to traditional ones 2. small module installation, any inner or outer arc connection,the smalleast semidiameter can reach 0.5m 3.indoor and outdoor using 4.RGB high gray scale processing, various color changing 5. standard cabinet size:320mm * 1280mm * 38mm 6.With the advantage of light-weight, super thinness, and transparency, the brilliant structure design realize the flexible installation vertically and horizontally for the display. Owing to the light-weight and quick lock system, its installation and dismantling become much easier. What\'s more, the high protection level-IP65 ensures its perfect working in both indoor and outdoor applications without any problem.