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Novi Led Displeji
960 Series of led dispaly with front maintenance
Detalji proizvoda
Brand: Tooper
Pixel pitch: 10/16/20mm
Pixel density: 10000/3906/2500(dots/m²)
Brightness: 6000cd/m²
Pixel configuration:
Cabinet weight 40kg/per
Environmental Outdoor
Ave.power consumption 200/200/200W/m²
Cabinet size: 960*960*170mm
IP Rating IP65/43
Viewing Angle(H/V) 110°/55°
Gray Scale 14bit
Gamma Correction -5.0~+5.0
Operating Temperature -20°C~+50°C
Operating Humidity 10~95%RH
Operating Life ≥50000hours
Power: AC100~240 50/60HZ
Product Description
1.The cabinet is simple, standard, can be stacked and hang, easily interchangable between install type, standardized series product. 2. The cabinet achieves modules front and back maintanence, speedy dismantle and install because there\\\\\\\'s no screw 3. High tensile and aging resistance material, anti-aging, anti-bad weather, and strong impact resistance. 4. Close and Hermetic thermal Dissipation structure. The front protection level of the cabinet is IP65, back side is IP43. 5. Advanced manage for the grey level of RGB, show various color. 6.Standar cabinet size: 1280mm*960mm*175mm 7.Modules can be repaired from both front and back side,Easy to assemble and maintenance, its application fields are largely expanded.High production efficiency and low operation cost.It\\\\\\\'s IP level can reach up to 65, can be perfectly used for outdoors.