Zajedno sa Vama, dizajniramo LED ekran shodno Vašim potrebama
Led Displej Zastori
Detalji proizvoda
Pixel pitch: 16mm
Pixel density: 3906 dots/m²
Brightness: ≥4000
Pixel configuration: 1R,1G,1B
LED standard: SMD 3528
Module size: 256×256mm
Module resolution: 16×16=256 dot
Cabinet size: 768mm×768mm
Resolution/cabinet: 48×48 dot
Product Description
Extremely high refresh rate, extremely high grey level, high brightness, Cree LED. 1.The thickness of the cabinet is only 1cm. 2.The cabinet is very light, only 8kg/pc 3.The cabinet is hanging cabinet, and there are fast—locks on top of the cabinet. 4.It is very easy to move and install, and very convenient for indoor rental use