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Led Displeji za Sportske događaje
Indoor live broadcast display
Detalji proizvoda
Pixel pitch: 6mm
Pixel density: 27777 dots/m²
Brightness: ≥1500
Pixel configuration: 1R,1G,1B
LED standard: SMD 3in1
Module size: 192×192mm
Module resolution: 32×32=1024 dot
Cabinet size: 960mm×768mm
Resolution/cabinet: 160×128 dot
Product Description
SMD 3 in 1 can be applied in the indoor stadium for sports live, news or advertising and so on. TOOPER LED professional player is compatible with sports video and perimeter LED Display which can achieve programme sheduling and circling solution to control the LED screen. Also division of software windows is available so that sports live, text, clock, score, image and so on can be display at the same time. EBO (Electronics Broadcast Optimisation), No loss of visual performance in camera Automatic Sun Brightness, color and color temperature Calibration, 64 levels adjustable Source compatibility: S-Video, Composite, YUV, RBG, SDI, HKSDI, Data SVI up to SXGA.