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Novi Led Displeji
Lightweight led display(500 series)
Detalji proizvoda
Brand: Tooper
Pixel pitch: 3.9/5.2/6.25/7.8mm
Pixel density: 65536 / 36864 / 25600 / 16384 (dots/m²)
Brightness: 1500~2500cd/m²
Pixel configuration: SMD1R,1G,1B
Cabinet weight: 9 kg
Environmental: Indoor
Ave.power consumption: 200W/m²
Cabinet size: 500mm×500mm×80mm
Power: AC100~240 50/60HZ
Product Description
1.Better color, higher refresh rate, higher usage rate, 14-16 bit gray scale Refresh rate as 2000Hz-3000Hz, good for live show, live concert, no scanning and flash. The usage rate of LED is above 90%. 2.With standardized die-casting aluminum panel, it realizes the high performance of the product, like lightweight, high precision and high strength. The standard panel design make the cabinet be compatible of the four models, which is very convinent and cost-saving for the product updating. 3.Realization of installation without tools, multiple application areas: through independent research and development, we designed a number of patented technologies, for tool-free quick installation and implementation such as lifting and stowage installation display anywhere; Can be applied in large dance parties, celebrations, sport and opening and closing ceremonies, indoor advertising, Movie Theater high definition screen applications. 4.Realize no noise, low heat, low radiation: better d
The stage, the bar, cinemas, theaters, rental market..,.