Zajedno sa Vama, dizajniramo LED ekran shodno Vašim potrebama
Vanjski Led Displeji
Detalji proizvoda
Pixel pitch: 10mm
Pixel density: 10000 dots/m²
Brightness: ≥9000 cd/m²
Pixel configuration: 1R,1G,1B
LED standard: DIP 346
Module size: 160×160mm
Module resolution: 16×16=256 dot
Cabinet size: 960mm×640mm
Resolution/cabinet: 96×64 dot
Protectuin level: 65 IP
Product Description
Extremely high refresh rate, extremely high grey level, high brightness, Cree LED. 1.16bit grey level processing ability presents you the very rich details, and creates so vivid pictures that you will feel as if you were right on the scene. 2.Superb refresh rate provides you coherent video effects to meet your needs for high display quality. 3.High brightness enables longer viewing distance and ensures the spectators far from the screen can still enjoy what is shown, even under direct sunlight. 4.Cree LED ensures long life span of the screen.